Silverlight Dagger

Silverlight Dagger   Weapon (dagger), common  This weapon is considered to have the silvered property.  As a bonus action, you can command the blade of this dagger to shed silvery light, creating bright light in a 20-foot radius and dim light for an additional 20 feet. Also, as a bonus action you can extinguish this light.  Even without the light effect active, the blade of the dagger always seems to glint in in whatever light is present.     

Campaign of the Lost

I've finally been giving Obsidian Portal a try. I had made this page a couple of years ago when I started the Campaign of the Lost but never really updated it because I hadn't the extra free time then. Campaign of the Lost at Obsidian Portal I'm also using the free service, which means I'm severely limited in my uploads. So here's some art assets I'm posting here to link to there. A map of the Dust Plains region. An illustration of the Universe. A little muck monster. Sand Sleeper springing to feed. Scrapdrone, repair robot More stuff to come...

The Adventures of Spook and Punkin


Battlefield Combat

Ever wanted to clash armies in game? It's not something I would have recommended. I usually run story-based games where the battlefield is better left in the background.  However, I have, at least once, been persuaded to move D&D into the realm of wargaming. We were about 15th level in a 3.5 campaign and events kept spiraling into war.  It became inescapable and everyone agreed we needed someway to resolve some battles.  The players needed to have a stake in it, and had to be decided in-game.  Well, that's what we all decided anyway.  There's as many ways of handling big story elements as there are big story elements. I took a couple of weeks to come up with a workable solution for moving units in combat.  My method of resolving this was to treat a unit as it were an individual character.  I'd probably come up with a different method in 5e.  I might be tempted to use swarm rules... have a swarm of cavalry, for instance. Anyway.  This is my vision of Battlefi


Here's one I did for a friend of mine.  He described to me a city he was designing.  It was tropical, he said, and coastal and a waterfall would cut through the center of it.  I was taken with the idea and talked to him about specific features, and this map was born. He called the city Bruthaven. I present Bruthaven, unencumbered with any story or backdrop.  If you like it and chose to use it, give me credit somewhere along the way and drop a comment about how it went. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License .

The World of Flael

I did this map, basically, to learn Wilbur terrain generator.  I had created some islands in the now defunct Greenfish Relief Map Generator and stitched them together in . From there I used all the tutorials on Wilbur I could find and did some coloring and erosion and prettied up again in This is one of the first realistic content maps I had done, and I did it just to learn.  I liked it and I ended up giving it a name:  Flael.  It came to mind and I didn't question it as it seemed right somehow.  I ran a few one off games on it as a nice generic world.  I'd downloaded some of the short adventures Wizards of the Coast had for D&D 3.5 and ran them as a sort of a mini-campaign, and I used this map to represent overland movement from one location to another.  So apart from the name of the place, I never had created so much as a single original story for it, and no setting information exists. I present it as a map with nothing attached to it.  If you li