Battlefield Combat

Ever wanted to clash armies in game? It's not something I would have recommended. I usually run story-based games where the battlefield is better left in the background.  However, I have, at least once, been persuaded to move D&D into the realm of wargaming.

We were about 15th level in a 3.5 campaign and events kept spiraling into war.  It became inescapable and everyone agreed we needed someway to resolve some battles.  The players needed to have a stake in it, and had to be decided in-game.  Well, that's what we all decided anyway.  There's as many ways of handling big story elements as there are big story elements.

I took a couple of weeks to come up with a workable solution for moving units in combat.  My method of resolving this was to treat a unit as it were an individual character.  I'd probably come up with a different method in 5e.  I might be tempted to use swarm rules... have a swarm of cavalry, for instance.

Anyway.  This is my vision of Battlefield Combat under 3.5 rules.


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