The World of Flael

I did this map, basically, to learn Wilbur terrain generator.  I had created some islands in the now defunct Greenfish Relief Map Generator and stitched them together in From there I used all the tutorials on Wilbur I could find and did some coloring and erosion and prettied up again in

This is one of the first realistic content maps I had done, and I did it just to learn.  I liked it and I ended up giving it a name:  Flael.  It came to mind and I didn't question it as it seemed right somehow.  I ran a few one off games on it as a nice generic world.  I'd downloaded some of the short adventures Wizards of the Coast had for D&D 3.5 and ran them as a sort of a mini-campaign, and I used this map to represent overland movement from one location to another.  So apart from the name of the place, I never had created so much as a single original story for it, and no setting information exists.

I present it as a map with nothing attached to it.  If you like it, give me credit somewhere along the way and drop me a comment about how it went.  Feel free to mark it up and lay town towns and cities on it and use it as a campaign.  I'd like to see the final work.

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